Dakar: 44% of vehicles run without technical visit (Director of road transport)

In Dakar, 44% of registered vehicles run without a proper technical inspection. This was revealed by the director of road transport, Cheikh Oumar Guèye, at the microphone of Zik Fm, after being questioned on the numerous cases of accidents noted these last days on the roads of the country.

“We have a 56% attendance rate. This means that there are 44% of vehicles registered in Dakar that circulate, either with false documents or with receipts without technical control, “he revealed.

Cheikh Oumar Guèyel believes that these vehicles are not “all in good standing.” For him, “it takes a change in behavior, but also a strengthening of controls and sanctions against the wrongdoers.” This, to “reduce” the number of road accidents.



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